Data / Cabling

Ample Amp are the experts ready to help you with all of your data and cabling needs, both in your office and at your home. Not only do we install new data points and lay cables in residential and commercial premises, but we also undertake fault finding and repair work too.

Data & Cabling Services

New Data Points and Switches

Everything in our homes and offices today are needing access to switches or power sockets and with the dangers of overloading multi boxes, installing new power points, switches and hubs is the better way to go. We are able to install new data points and switches easily without any fuss or disruption to your household or office. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote today.

Wireless Internet and Routers

Many of the electronic equipment in our homes and offices now require continual access to wireless internet. We can set you up with wireless routers to connect to your smart appliances or computers. If you are having trouble maintaining a connection, we can help find the fault and fix it too.

Phone Line and Hub Installation

Needing more phone ports installed in your home or business office? Not only can we install new phone lines and ports, but we can also install a hub to help prevent interference on your line.

Fault Finding & Repairs

When things go wrong, you need them fixed quickly. If you notice your wireless internet having intermittent faults or that your power points or light switches no longer work, contact us today! We’ll find the fault and fix it quickly to limit any disruptions for you.

Get in touch with us today to let us help you sort out all of your data and cabling issues.