House Rewiring

We are experts in rewiring houses to ensure the electrical capacity you need and the safety of modern equipment.

  • Are you worried that your old wiring is unsafe?
  • Do you suspect that the wiring in your property is a bit shonky with many adjustments here and there over the years?
  • Just looks dangerous?
  • Lights blowing out too often?
  • Power points not working?

Many old houses and even some cheaply built newer properties need a complete rewire to be safe and fully functioning again.

How long does it generally take?

There are a few variables but an average 3 bedroom house (either empty or with not too much furniture) takes approximately 5 days.

Can I live in the house at the same time?

Yes, it’s possible to rewire a house room by room if furniture is moved around accordingly. Obviously this takes extra time but also means you can carry on with your life as normal. We can go through this aspect with you upon inspection of the premises.

What is involved in rewiring a house?

• First, we isolate the power

• Provide a dedicated building power supply to your house on a safety switch

• Remove all electrical existing cable in the house

• Replace all cables

• Install a lighting circuit in, sometimes two or more lighting circuits

• Install a power circuit or maybe two, three, depending on the size of the house

• Separate circuits for air conditioning, if you’ve got it

• Separate circuits for ovens, electric cookers etc

• Put an earth stake in and run a new earth to the switchboard

• Install the new switchboard and label it accurately

• Test everything until it’s perfect

Having your house rewired by a fully licensed electrical contractor not only makes your life easier and safer but also adds value to your home. Call us today for a no obligation quote.