Switchboard Upgrades

Ample Amp specialises in switchboard upgrades to ensure safety and increase the electrical capacity needed for modern households.

  • Are your fuses blowing a lot lately?
  • Does your switchboard look like it was made way back when? Lots of porcelain rewirable fuses etc?
  • Nothing is labeled so you don’t know what the switches are for?
  • Need an additional circuit but there’s no room in your switchboard?

If this sounds like your place then it’s fair to say that a switchboard upgrade is in order.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the switchboard and how many circuits there are, it generally takes from four to five hours. Obviously we will provide a quote upon inspection of your switchboard.

What do you do?

  • First we isolate the power supply
  • Remove the old switchboard or panel (often an asbestos panel) and replace it with a plastic switchboard or a metal DIN rail switchboard, either 18 or 24-way
  • Install new RCDs, new safety switches & MCBs
  • Label the switchboard
  • Test the circuits to ensure that it’s in perfect working order

Having a safe, modern switchboard not only gives you piece of mind but is also a requirement nowadays for rentals and when selling your property.