Underground Power

One of Ample Amp's core services is installing underground power supplies to new subdivisions, new houses and existing properties.

We work closely with Western Power to ensure that your job is done as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

What is involved laying an underground power supply?

Firstly Western Power installs a small green dome pillar that will replace the overhead power once everything is done.

From there we take over as contractor, do the preliminary notices, dig and install a new underground cable to the new switchboard location.

We either put the cable into a new meter, if it’s going to be at the front of the house, or put the cable into an existing overhead.

If you’re doing a subdivision with more than one dwelling, we set the power supply up to service all dwellings as per Western Power requirements.

Once ready, Western Power returns to disconnect the overhead power and we simultaneously connect your new underground power supply.

How long does it take?

Often the bulk of the work will be done in a day and we liaise with Western Power to coordinate a date for switching between overhead and underground power.

Call us to learn more or arrange an inspection of your property.